What percentage of Revenue Do Publicly Traded Companies Spend on Marketing and Sales?

Sales and marketing are very essential when it comes growing your business. Simply getting your products or services to the marketplace isn’t good enough; you need to have an effective plan and budget for how you will get more customers and how to maintain your existing customers. There are several options that are available to business owners out there. You can either make use of you in house marketing and sales team or employ the services of a third-party company to help you with sales and marketing in your business. Publicly traded companies just like most business types out there, need the services of the right kind of marketing and sales company.

In order for anyone to fully understand the right amount of money spent on marketing and sales, it is first important to note the amount of money that comes into the business as revenue. This depends on the type of business and the industry in consideration. It is an obvious fact that the amount of money you wish to spend on your marketing and sales will drastically increase with how much you make. This simply means your first focus should be in creating more valuable products and services, which are useful to the marketplace, as this will guaranty more revenue for your company.

Spending the right amount of money on marketing and sales can put you ahead of your competition. If we take a closer look at publicly traded companies, we realize that there is no standard definition for such companies, this basically means it depends on what products and services you provide for your customers,

The need for having a strong sales and marketing team for publicly traded companies

Being able to create a strong sales and marketing team is important in any business. This can help your business grow within the shortest possible time. It is worthy of mention that you need to invest a reasonable amount of money to in sales and marketing, if you wish to succeed in a competitive marketplace. This has to do with creating the ideal sales infrastructure for your business.

The Ten Percent Rule

When it comes to the percentage of revenue spent on marketing and sales by publicly traded companies, then it would be important to consider the widely used 10 % rule. Keep in mind that this doesn’t have anything to do with the amount of money you make as revenue. Another important point to consider when looking at these numbers is how long the business has been in operations. If your publicly traded company is just in it’s infant stage, then it is safe to say you are going to need to spend more than 10 % of your revenue on marketing and sales. This figure is not fixed, as you might need to spend more money as a startup. Well-established businesses such as Google, Apple, and Facebook wouldn’t worry too much about spend money on sales and marketing, as many know their brands. A small business however needs to increase this percentage to succeed

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