Whiteboard Animations are memorable!

What people say:

“This is incredible. There’s something about the animation that inherently makes the viewer so much more in tune. This has such shareability. This is going viral, I’m calling it. Value value value value value.”

And we make them custom and hand-drawn.

You want a cat walking on the moon with ice cream in its hand? You got it. Because we personalize our illustrations specially  for you, with real and talented artists. Our artists have an experience of over 100 whiteboards, so trust us to get your message out in the most engaging way.

Why whiteboard Animation?

A Whiteboard Animation will deliver your message (even a really complex one) accurately and fluently. It will create a specific call for action and will stay in your viewer’s mind longer. It does not matter if you want to promote or market your business, recruit investors, launch your start-up, transfer educational content or train new employees – Whiteboard Animation is the best way! And it’s all done with a short production time and low cost.

Whiteboard Animation use a unique technique of drawing, which manages to keep the viewers attentive while transmitting complex or “dry” messages in a flowing and fun way. Whiteboard Animation always contain a very strong and specific call to action telling your target audience exactly what they need to do.

Why us?

We are an affordable service in London

KJMM provides an affordable service in London  with exceptionally competitive rates and we make sure that our incredibly crafted animated whiteboard videos deliver value for your investment.

We believe in building long-lasting relationships and excellent business relations with our clients so we can never even think to compromise on quality. Therefore, we guarantee that we provide you the best quality work and we promise that our illustrators and skilled whiteboard video creators will work with you until you are satisfied with the end results.

By hiring our whiteboard video production services, you will be amazed at the value you are getting!

We want successfully spreading awareness of your brand or message.

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