We offer the following services for your marketing delight.

Brand research

Let’s know more about your business.

Over the course of three months, the KJMM team goes through a multi-faceted series of tests to determine what’s best for your brand’s future. Month one is our initial competitor audit, industry research etc. Month two involves testing your brand’s design and message possibilities. The third and final month, we present you with a proposed brand formula based on the prior research.

Your vision is our passion.

Marketing strategy


Lets plan ahead!

KJMM offers marketing services to start ups, small businesses, and large businesses. The main goal of  marketing your business is to feed your potential customers with useful contents about your business till they finally make a decision to buy from you.

Today’s business world is different from the way it was few years ago, so you can not continue using the same tactics and marketing strategies you used to use for today’s advanced technology world.

However if you are clueless about how to get started or even go about it, just take a deep breath and relax. That is where KJ Marketing Management comes in.

Our marketing services are designed to help your business communicate its value to potential customers with the use of modern technologies. We will work together with business sales employees to create campaigns that will increase your business visibility and revenue.

Our goal is to make your business known to the target audience as a reliable, reputable, and trust worthy one.

Offline Marketing campaigns & strategy


Time to be innovative.

Our aim is to gain a deeper understanding of your business to decide upon the most effective strategy and creative execution for your campaign. We will work with you to understand your brand values, your proposition and overall vision.


With this research, we will develop ‘the big idea’ combining a reliable strategy with innovative creative design. This will be delivered and measured according to your objectives ensuring we meet your KPIs.


Don’t just take our word for it. See it in action.