Marketing and advertising trends in 2018

It is a well-known fact that building a successful business in the 21st century requires a lot of sacrifices. Coming up with the right business idea is usually not enough, you need to be able to do a projection of how your products and services will reach your target market. Doing a feasibility study usually helps with this regard, which should give you an idea of how your business will grow. Marketing and advertising are basically important when it comes to growing any type of business, new or existing business.

After designing or acquiring a product or service, you need to be able to market it properly to reach the right audience within the shortest possible time. Times have changed and the innovations brought by Information and Communications Technology is gradually changing the way we do things, from our business to personal life. The use of traditional marketing tools such as TV, radio and billboards are gradually decreasing, as most people are turning to IT marketing tools for solutions. Let us consider some important marketing and advertising trends in 2018.

Live video to the rescue

One of the marketing and advertising trends making waves in 2018 and beyond, is the use of live video. This is even more so because more people are beginning to appreciate the power of video content now more than ever before. Using platforms such as YouTube and IGTV, which is the newly introduced video sharing platform by Instagram, business owners can reach a larger audience. It is ideal to say that live video is a wonderful way of putting useful content out there. More business owners are already joining the trend.

Social media integration

The use of social media is also gaining a lot of attention, and business owners are not left out of this trend in 2018. Social media marketing has seen a tremendous growth over the years, with popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram gaining more users every single day. Using the right kind of social media marketing and advertisement tools, you can grow your business within the shortest possible time. With technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, social media marketing and advertisement keeps growing. Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, customers and business owners can get the best experience. This has made it possible to create marketing and advertisement products, which are tailored to the specific needs of customers.

Virtual reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality and Augmented Reality are two emerging technologies that are used for marketing and advertisement in today’s business world. Virtual Reality or VR, which creates a virtual environment using images of objects or animals can be used for marketing or advertising. There are several VR-enabled applications today on various App Stores for smartphone users. This has made it an ideal avenue for creating products and services around this technology. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are ideal for marketing and events such as product launches.


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