Importance Of Marketing To An Organization

Are you a small business owner or looking to get your own enterprise off the ground? If you are, it will occur to you very quickly that the importance of marketing and advertising cannot be overemphasized. Even in the initial phases of starting your business, you are thinking about marketing by deciding on a name and how to promote the value of your product to your customers. By choosing to start a business, you already know that you have a product or service to sell, meaning you are already delved into the brainstorming aspect. As soon as you have decided upon a business idea, you are already formulating ideas for your marketing plan.


In the beginning, advertising your company will start with identifiers such as logos or emblems, professionally designed business cards, brochures, pamphlets, an online presence by way of a website, and several additional marketing avenues. At some point you may want to know exactly what the importance of marketing is.  In essence, marketing gets potential customers interested in your products.


The first and most important thing which marketing must do is inform your customers who you are and what you offer. If they have one of your business cards, they know where to find you. At this point, they need to be informed of what you can offer them. Long term advertising keeps customers engaged in discounts, coupons, and any new products that you develop. Reaching your target audience can distinguish you from competitors who are marketing to the same segment. Your marketing campaign informs potential customers that you offer a unique product line, and with follow up marketing, your clients will know what makes you different.


Marketing is about letting the public know about any activity your business is currently undertaking, what makes your small business special, what your unique selling proposition is and what encourages your customers to buy from you. Whereas advertising is about trying to sell your products and services to new clients. A successful small business owner should be incorporating a marketing strategy as part of their daily business routines. You must have a clear understanding as to what your customers want and how to communicate to them that you provide that quality of service and product.


Marketing of any kind helps create a consciousness among your target audience about your business. There is nothing worse than launching a business only to find that you cannot generate any leads or sales. In truth, your company will need some form of advertising in order to succeed. Directing clients toward your products or services will help foster demand. An in-depth advertising campaign will also help you generate ideas for new product offerings. Effective advertising strategies provide in roads toward generating new clients and leads. Marketing increases awareness of your company among your target customer base, which leads to greater sales and profits.